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What PS Leader will do for your clients

PS Leader provides an objective analysis of leadership effectiveness. It will help your clients identify development priorities and determine their known and unknown strengths by comparing their own self-perceptions to those of their supervisor, direct reports, and peers. Moreover, it provides unlimited rater feedback. This develops a more complete picture of the leader and his or her skills.

PS Leader offers a dual measure. It not only measures competence, but importance of those competencies to the position itself, which is critical for matching up resources to positions. This saves precious resources, because your client can address the development needs specific to each position. This indicator is often used in succession planning to benchmark key success indicators of current leadership, and what needs to be developed in new leadership. This gives future leaders a head start at developing leadership success, specific to the organization’s needs and culture.

• Identify leader’s current strength areas
• Utilize five critical competency clusters for a balanced view
• Learn to overcome challenges associated with leaders    receiving performance feedback from peers and direct reports

What PS Leader will do for you:

Raise your credibility, by using this well-researched, world class tool with a history of success in major organizations!

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You've Seen Leadership 360s - But Not Like This!
PS Leader is a research-based, 82 item, assessment that gives leaders an objective analysis of their leadership effectiveness in 24 competencies. PS Leader is specifically designed for 360-degree feedback. The assessment helps leaders identify development priorities and determine their known and unknown strengths by comparing their own self-perceptions to those of their supervisor, direct reports, and peers. PS Leader is available for administration in your organization online or with paper & pencil questionnaires. In either case, reports are computer processed and returned to whoever is designated to receive the confidential results.

The Power of 360 Degree Feedback for Leaders
The 360° assessment process can be immensely valuable when the right assessment and the right approach are matched with the organization. Our expert product managers are experienced helping organizations implement PS Leader to ensure the programs success. Your facilitators or coaches will know how to overcome all the challenges associated with leaders receiving performance feedback from peers and direct reports. 

Why Should You Choose Our 360° Feedback Program for Your Organization?
Flexibility—This multirater assessment can be used as a self-assessment or with supervisors, peers, and direct reports in any combination for 360° Feedback.
Easy to Administer— PS Leader can be completed with paper and pencil, or online.
Report results are processed and shipped to the client within 48 hours. Online results can be processed and emailed to you virtually instantly.
Comprehensive Administrator’s Manual, $69.95— Guides you through your first interpretation seminar and assists with program administration.

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed—No matter what method you use to administer 360° Feedback, our process ensures confidentiality so that peers and direct reports can feel comfortable giving honest feedback.
  • Relevant Feedback—The assessment provides a method for accurately measuring competencies. Rather than answering questions about particular leadership competencies that can be difficult or impossible to make judgments about, respondents are asked to rate specific, observable behaviors associated with these competencies.
  • Convenient—We process your data and return reports with interpretation support materials as soon as questionnaires are completed and sent to HRD Press. Online administration is handled by HRD Press. You are updated on participant progress to the degree that suits your needs.
  • Group Reports Available—Now HR departments can plan for development needs corporate-wide! This 360° Feedback program can be used throughout the organization as part of a complete strategy for improving management performance.