Understanding Behavioral Styles for Improved Communications

DISC the premier behavioral style assessment available today.

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The goal of DISC is to understand personal chemistry and enhance relationships. Once you know your own personality and behavioral style characteristics, it will be easy to see what drives those around you and your options for dealing with them more successfully.

What DISC will do for your clients

DISC is the premier behavioral style assessment available today. It will increase effectiveness of internal communication for teams,managers and leaders. Also, your clients will be able to create a common language for conflict resolution, by replacing personality labels with communication insights for more effective communication. Increase rapport and level of service with your sales and customer service representatives. See actual bottom line results!

• Gain awareness of personal strengths and motivations
• Uncover career development opportunities
• Improve methods for interpersonal communication
• Enhance conflict resolution ability
• Create 360-degree feedback for your leaders
• Build and strengthen teams
• Improve professional relationships internally and externally

What DISC will do for you
The DISC will give you the ability to sell a universally accepted model at a higher profit margin than ever! The report is approachable, simple, and
straightforward to facilitate. We’ve got the easiest to use online
administration in the industry!

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The DISC Package Includes:

  • Totally automated online DISC self-assessment
  • Your Personalized DISC Report
  • Your own DISC home page to invite others to
    respond to how they see you for 360-degree feedback
  • Your eGraphs and Observer Graphs of how others see you
  • Additional online resources
  • 52-weekly email series for ongoing learning

You Will Learn:

  • Your behavioral style tendencies, strengths and struggles
  • Your management strategies and what motivates you
  • Your communication preferences
  • About the four basic DISC styles
  • How to identify another person’s style
  • How to use adaptability for greater success